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Beyond the Surface of “Awareness”

by Brandie Sellers • October 31, 2016

It is Pinktober.  Again.  Last year, I wrote a scathing criticism of breast cancer marketing, and to date that piece has over 1.3 million page views.  That so many people read it, and are still reading and sharing it over a year later, tells me I’m not the only one who feels whored out by marketers using my terminal illness for their financial gain.



About Brandie Sellers

I began writing at the age of six when I composed my first poem. I stopped writing for a while when I became an “adult,” so I could focus on “adult things.” But that didn’t last long because I have a lot of words burning holes in me trying to get out. And, “adulthood” is totally overrated.

I came to yoga at age thirty to find myself. I discovered that I was there all along, I was just covered up with the mud of life and yoga helped me see myself. It helped me uncover my gifts, and, more importantly, helped me appreciate them and gave me the courage to put them into the world and own them. Despite my aspirations to be a lawyer when I grew up, I began teaching yoga after writing up a little class one night to do in my kitchen with a friend, and fell in love with reminding other people to breathe and have grace for themselves. I have taught over 5,000 hours of yoga classes and privates, completed my 500-hour teacher training, and hold an Ayurveda Yoga Specialist designation.

I was selected to be a Voices Columnist for The Dallas Morning News in 2010. The following year I had an essay published in “What I Wish For You,” by Patti Digh. I started a blog to write about yoga, but it evolved into writings about how I use yoga to persevere when life sends me a shit-storm, like a suicidal husband, divorce, and living with breast cancer.

I am available for private yoga therapy sessions, speaking engagements and freelance writing.

I live in McKinney, Texas, with my three children.