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Five years ago today I was diagnosed with cancer. This week I have been reflecting on all I have learned since that day, about myself, life, love, and God. Here is what I know for sure. What I Deserve Many people have said to me,"You don't deserve to have cancer!" What do we deserve? For a while I thought we deserved ... More

Oh, the Humanity

In February 2011 I had health insurance.  I did not have a great, comprehensive plan because my employer did not offer benefits and I was no longer married.  What I had was an affordable, catastrophic health coverage policy because I was young and healthy.  And because a comprehensive plan was going to cost $375/month. On ... More

Insidious Diseases

In addition to being a two-time cancer survivor I am also the child of two addict parents.  Their addictions have most certainly directed the course of my life in profound ways.  I was a survivor before I ever got diagnosed with cancer.  My dad's alcoholism and penchant for "eating dope" as he would call it lead to a ... More