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Five years ago today I was diagnosed with cancer. This week I have been reflecting on all I have learned since that day, about myself, life, love, and God. Here is what I know for sure. What I Deserve Many people have said to me,"You don't deserve to have cancer!" What do we deserve? For a while I thought we deserved ... More

Joy, But…

I have been getting scans every six months for the past two years and I find that I am hesitant to make any plans past the next six month mark.  It's easy to get in the pattern of living your life six months or one year at a time between those scans.  It feels like too much uncertainty for me to commit to anything because, ... More

“Just keep swimming”

  Yesterday brought a sea change.  For the first time since February 17th when the radiologist said to me, "Really, I think you have cancer,"  I allowed myself to see my life after cancer treatment.    I have written before about not being sure of my future.  About how I'm grateful for everyone standing in my hope gap ... More