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Woman plans…

I have been chuckling to myself all day today. It's the fourth anniversary of my first breast cancer diagnosis. About a month ago I decided that I wanted to plan a celebration day. In all these four years I have not really felt like celebrating one damn thing related to cancer. I didn't ring a bell when I was done with chemo. ... More

Oh, the Humanity

In February 2011 I had health insurance.  I did not have a great, comprehensive plan because my employer did not offer benefits and I was no longer married.  What I had was an affordable, catastrophic health coverage policy because I was young and healthy.  And because a comprehensive plan was going to cost $375/month. On ... More

What Shall We Celebrate Today?

I have been thinking about adversity as a blessing many times over the last few years.  In moving through my husband's severe depression and hospitalization and how that affected our marriage, through divorce, selling our family home, my mother's battle with alcohol and drugs and subsequent hospital stay and then to my own ... More

“Just keep swimming”

  Yesterday brought a sea change.  For the first time since February 17th when the radiologist said to me, "Really, I think you have cancer,"  I allowed myself to see my life after cancer treatment.    I have written before about not being sure of my future.  About how I'm grateful for everyone standing in my hope gap ... More

Survivorship, Day 42

Had my first chemo Friday.  I wasn't nervous until we got into the parking lot.  I hadn't really thought too much about all the nitty gritty until I got there. Which is probably good or I might have run away to Greece.  I had my blood draw first to make sure I was healthy enough to get chemo.  My veins are great and the ... More

Blessings (Day 18)

I have been reflecting on blessings for the past few days.  Once I came out of what was probably just the first "Poor me I have cancer" phases I'll experience, I realized that even though I have cancer my life doesn't all suck.  In fact, except for that one thing no part of my life sucks.  My kids are awesome, my job is ... More