Open Palms

Today I read to my class from Life Is A Verb, an amazingly inspirational book by Patti Digh that I cannot recommend highly enough. Seriously if I liked chicks and neither of us were married I'd probably propose to her. That's how much I dig her writing. Anyway, the excerpt I read was about not grasping for perfection so much as ... More

Back to Yoga

Last night while I was laying in bed in a feverish haze I was thinking about teaching yoga and why I feel called to do it. I had written in my head a beautiful, articulate explanation which now eludes me. I hate it when that happens. I was ruminating on yoga as exercise versus yoga as a way of life. So often people come to ... More

Why I teach my kids yoga

I was tucking Caleb and Grace in tonight and Caleb got upset and started crying becuase he never met Chris' Grandma, who died when I was pregnent with Caleb. Mostly he was crying because he was WAAAAY past tired. Anyway, there was uncontrollable sobbing. So I started breathing long breaths and holding him really tightly, then ... More