Today I met a swami

This morning I went to a brunch with a swami. There were only a few of us there and I had the chance to ask a question. I asked why as my meditation practice deepens and I feel closer to God I experience the sensual world even more. In the past year I have felt the line between me and god getting thinner and thinner. I have ... More

It’s going to take a lot more than yoga…

A few months ago a stressed-out person I know said, "It would take a lot more that yoga to help me!" And this person was right. We can practice asana until we are breathless. We can judge our inability to touch our toes. We can hate the person on the mat next to us who can do a perfect imitation of a twisty pretzel. Or we can ... More

Yoga is Everywhere

This summer I have had the privilege of traveling a bit. I have packed the bare essentials and headed out, via car or mini-van, to Ft. Worth, Austin and Ruidoso in three different stints. Peppered in among those vacations I have changed jobs, moved, and had two, two-week separations from my babies. Needless to say it has been a ... More


Last night I got home after teaching yoga and working a full day to a half-packed house, dirty dishes in the sink and an empty stomach. I set about cooking a Masala, using sweet potatoes from my co-op, local tomatoes and sweet Vidalia onion. While I was washing and peeling and chopping and cooking my attitude shifted to ... More

Inhale, Exhale… Repeat

Have you ever been talking to someone and realize that they have been talking non-stop and that they haven't inhaled in what seems to be an impossible amount of time? I get that way when I'm excited sometimes. Talk and talk and talk as fast as I can and then I'm out of breath. I have neglected to inhale. Another word for ... More


When someone attacks me or I feel hurt my first instinct is to look outwardly at the situation. I think terrible thoughts about the person who did the hurting. "He's an idiot!" "She's crazy!" "He's just so wrong!" I think this is a pretty common response. The problem is that, even if I'm right (which of course I ALWAYS am :)), ... More

To hope or not to hope…

Recently I was conversing with a friend about being in the moment vs. hoping for the future. She said she thinks it's easy to be in the moment when you live in relative affluence compared to the refugees in Darfur, for example. That all those people have to hold on to is hope. How can they live in the moment when their moment ... More

Freedom and Bliss

Most faiths teach that we should not be attached to earthly things. Christians believe this - Matthew 19:6 says do not store up your treasures on earth. Buddhists believe this - Buddha said if you desire joy completely forsake all attachment. Patanjali's Yoga Sutra 1.15 says that attachment clouds our true self. It seems ... More

My family is a pain in the back..

Lots of students as of late have been complaining of lower back pain. And I have a dear friend who keeps spraining her ankle. In contemplating and researching these two ailments from an energetic perspective what I discovered is that they both can be caused by stuck energy in the first chakra, muladhara. It is the root ... More

False Opposition

If you read my last post you saw that I was feeling stuck between earning a living and teaching yoga. Saying out loud that I was stuck and needed help was exactly the right thing to do because I got help, and not even from someone who read my blog. It was from an author, Patti Digh, and an artist, David Robinson. I saw that ... More