Five years ago today I was diagnosed with cancer. This week I have been reflecting on all I have learned since that day, about myself, life, love, and God. Here is what I know for sure. What I Deserve Many people have said to me,"You don't deserve to have cancer!" What do we deserve? For a while I thought we deserved ... More

Woman plans…

I have been chuckling to myself all day today. It's the fourth anniversary of my first breast cancer diagnosis. About a month ago I decided that I wanted to plan a celebration day. In all these four years I have not really felt like celebrating one damn thing related to cancer. I didn't ring a bell when I was done with chemo. ... More

Just because we can…

I think we are jumping the shark in the scientific world on many levels nowadays.  For example, it's possible to put a fetus in a sixty-year-old uterus.  But that doesn't mean we should.  We have gone way past what is helpful and ventured too far into ludicrous. I see this issue in the cancer world a lot.  Recently ... More

Terrain Changes

The sky today is brilliant blue; the breeze a perfect swirl of late summer and early fall. With unclaimed time I hopped on my bike and set off to find coffee and write. I rode on the wild side; eschewing the helmet for breeze in my hair, but on the sidewalk because I'm a calculated risk-taker. I'm always surprised ... More

“I can’t meditate!”

When I tell people that I teach yoga and meditation people that have no relationship to yoga and meditation tell me all the reasons they can't do them.  Or that they have always wanted to do them but don't.  Or that they have tried them and that yoga and meditation just aren't for them.  That's like someone saying food is ... More

We Don’t Need Redemption

I wrote this piece on redemption and light in October and it keeps coming back to me.  I heard on the radio that January 21 is the day of the year that the most people complain of depression.  I'm sure it's due in large part to the lack of light that occurs in winter and some sort of post-holiday let-down.  Also ... More

Blessings (Day 18)

I have been reflecting on blessings for the past few days.  Once I came out of what was probably just the first "Poor me I have cancer" phases I'll experience, I realized that even though I have cancer my life doesn't all suck.  In fact, except for that one thing no part of my life sucks.  My kids are awesome, my job is ... More

Judgment, Laziness and Grace

Lately I find myself in a loop of judgments. It seems to be a cyclical thing for me. I form a bunch, become aware, release them, and then when I'm not looking they creep back in. Sometimes I just get lazy and forget to be vigilant with my thoughts. The Yoga Sutras, written over 2000 years ago, list hindrances to yoga ... More

One Word

I'm participating in Reverb 10, which is a commitment to blog once each day, approximately 750 words, on a prompt that some fantastically creative people will come up with every day in December. This is a much smaller goal than NaNiWriMo, which was to write 50,000 words in November. I got to about 15,000 and that was that. ... More

Yoga and Christianity

A friend sent me an article that someone posted on facebook about how yoga is anti-Christian. She was wondering about my perspective and I have to admit I am perplexed by this issue. I take my own faith so personally that I'm not sure how someone else can tell me that a legal, healthy activity inherently distances me from god. ... More