Building a Personal Shrine

Building a Personal Shrine Saturday, October 17th 1-4pm Whether you want to create an altarpiece for your meditation space or craft a memory board for yourself, in this workshop we will learn about and make a piece that holds inspiration and peace for you.  The wooden form, paint, glue and some other decorative items will ... More

Menopause Workshop – Awakening to Your Power

Those hot flashes and night sweats have a purpose! In this class, we will study the ancient wisdom that comes through in menopause, how those biological symptoms are catalysts for change, and explore what this power shift means for us as individual women, and collectively. We will dialogue, journal and sculpt. Each woman ... More


Slacker by Brandie Sellers on 2010/12/12 11:55 PM I have been a slacker about blogging the past few days. I could probably spend a lot of time analyzing why that is, but I won't. The three prompts I have missed have been great, as is today's. I was going to blog all four, but instead I'll pick one and recommit to daily ... More

Yoga is Everywhere

This summer I have had the privilege of traveling a bit. I have packed the bare essentials and headed out, via car or mini-van, to Ft. Worth, Austin and Ruidoso in three different stints. Peppered in among those vacations I have changed jobs, moved, and had two, two-week separations from my babies. Needless to say it has been a ... More

Ecstatic Dance

I attended an ecstatic dance workshop on Sunday. I went because I was curious and because I think it's good to force myself out of my comfort zone. And this was WAY out of the zone. I almost turned around and came home twice before I got there. I thought of a hundred reasons not to go. But the forces in the universe that pull ... More