Building a Personal Shrine

Building a Personal Shrine Saturday, October 17th 1-4pm Whether you want to create an altarpiece for your meditation space or craft a memory board for yourself, in this workshop we will learn about and make a piece that holds inspiration and peace for you.  The wooden form, paint, glue and some other decorative items will ... More


I wrote this in December, 2014, and forgot to post it. My grandma passed away this summer. She was ill for a few weeks and we knew it was the end. She had a full life, and many people loved her and were there for her in her later years, and in her dying. During her dying time I reflected on how much alike we are. She was ... More

Rebellion and Sacred Cows

I grew up in a house where it was not okay to express yourself. "Just be quiet, keep your head down, and get good grades." If I dared to disagree with my mother there was no thoughtful conversation about feelings or ideas. There was no respect of my personhood. Disagreements with her end with her saying, "You're right. I'm ... More

“I can’t meditate!”

When I tell people that I teach yoga and meditation people that have no relationship to yoga and meditation tell me all the reasons they can't do them.  Or that they have always wanted to do them but don't.  Or that they have tried them and that yoga and meditation just aren't for them.  That's like someone saying food is ... More

Kissing Your Sister

I think I should be feeling pretty excited right about now. I had a PET scan at MD Anderson on January 5th and on the 6th found out that it showed no distant metasisis and no cancer in the local area of my first two incidences of cancer. The only issue was a seroma at the site of my October surgery. My experience there was "a ... More

Blessings (Day 18)

I have been reflecting on blessings for the past few days.  Once I came out of what was probably just the first "Poor me I have cancer" phases I'll experience, I realized that even though I have cancer my life doesn't all suck.  In fact, except for that one thing no part of my life sucks.  My kids are awesome, my job is ... More


Slacker by Brandie Sellers on 2010/12/12 11:55 PM I have been a slacker about blogging the past few days. I could probably spend a lot of time analyzing why that is, but I won't. The three prompts I have missed have been great, as is today's. I was going to blog all four, but instead I'll pick one and recommit to daily ... More

One Word

I'm participating in Reverb 10, which is a commitment to blog once each day, approximately 750 words, on a prompt that some fantastically creative people will come up with every day in December. This is a much smaller goal than NaNiWriMo, which was to write 50,000 words in November. I got to about 15,000 and that was that. ... More

Here Comes the Sun

I went running a couple of days ago and a tree called me to sit beneath it and meditate. So I did, despite the fact that the ground was a little rocky and there was a burrow hole that I was convinced belonged to a man-eating snake. I sat and closed my eyes, made jnana mudra with my palms down on my folded knees, and began to ... More