Slacker by Brandie Sellers on 2010/12/12 11:55 PM I have been a slacker about blogging the past few days. I could probably spend a lot of time analyzing why that is, but I won't. The three prompts I have missed have been great, as is today's. I was going to blog all four, but instead I'll pick one and recommit to daily ... More

Food is Love

Reverb 10 - December 6th Prompt: Make. What was the last thing you made? What materials did you use? Is there something you want to make, but you need to clear some time for it? The last "thing" I made was an Indian food feast. For no reason in particular, other than I had some coconut milk, tomatoes and sweet potatoes that ... More

You get what you pay for and you are what you eat.

You get what you pay for and you are what you eat. It seems that we have forgotten the wisdom of these words lately. We look for the cheapest food, the cheapest clothes, the cheapest gas, the cheapest. Because we only consider the initial price we pay. The problem is that the price we really pay is far greater. Someone ... More

It’s going to take a lot more than yoga…

A few months ago a stressed-out person I know said, "It would take a lot more that yoga to help me!" And this person was right. We can practice asana until we are breathless. We can judge our inability to touch our toes. We can hate the person on the mat next to us who can do a perfect imitation of a twisty pretzel. Or we can ... More


Last night I got home after teaching yoga and working a full day to a half-packed house, dirty dishes in the sink and an empty stomach. I set about cooking a Masala, using sweet potatoes from my co-op, local tomatoes and sweet Vidalia onion. While I was washing and peeling and chopping and cooking my attitude shifted to ... More

Raw – Day 8

So we cheated a little on the weekend. We each ate a small piece of pizza Saturday night and yesterday I ate 1 wild caught shrimp. Chris ate some roasted potatoes and shrimp and roasted asparagus. We agreed none of that tasted as good as we thought it would. Except apparently the potatoes were life-changing. But they had butter ... More

Raw – Day 3

This is the end of my third day of eating only raw foods. For the most part it has been easy and everything I have made has tasted so delectable. I have made lasagna, chili rellenos with amazing salsa and a vegetable paella. I made an apple cinnamon bread in the dehydrator that tastes like my grandmother's fresh apple cake. For ... More

Raw – Day 15

It is getting easier and easier. I have found several things we really love to eat. Last night I made watermelon candy in the dehydrator - you just dip thinly sliced watermelon in lemon juice and dehydrate until it's like fruit leather. It is incredible! I thought I would be sick of salad but we've actually only eaten 2 or 3 ... More

More Raw

I feel lighter since I've been eating more raw food. I also feel less tired. Yesterday I had a great run and had loads of energy for it. I also seem less grumpy and able to handle the chaos of my three children with a little more smiling and a little less yelling. I don't know if that's the food or if it's because I know school ... More


My sweet husband has arthritis and depression. I recently read that some people with artritis and depression have found that eating a raw diet completely alleviates symptoms of those illnesses, as well as many others. Colitis, cancer and probably some other "c" illnesses can be helped or cured with a raw diet according to some ... More