We Don’t Need Redemption

I wrote this piece on redemption and light in October and it keeps coming back to me.  I heard on the radio that January 21 is the day of the year that the most people complain of depression.  I'm sure it's due in large part to the lack of light that occurs in winter and some sort of post-holiday let-down.  Also ... More

I’m an Anomoly!

  Last Friday morning, while laying in bed doing my lymphedema massage (which is totally not a euphamism for anything remotely sexual) I discovered a small lump above my left breast.  It was very painful and I could feel that it was along a vein.  When I went to radiation I mentioned it to the radiation therapist and she ... More

Hope and Gaps

One thing I've noticed since some cells got wonky and decided to upend my apple cart is that my intuition is off.  Normally I have a strong intuition and it doesn't fail me.  The times I've doubted it have caused me distress.  And all my life I have had a general sense that things will work out for me.  I didn't stress ... More

The Best Hangover

#Reverb 10 - Prompt: Healing. What healed you this year? Was it sudden, or a drip-by-drip evolution? How would you like to be healed in 2011? I haven't been posting lately b/c all the prompts have made me think of the same things I've already said. Then came this one. I have contemplated how to heal myself this year probably ... More

Ask and Ye Shall Receive

I have been saying for years that I am writing a book to anybody who will listen. I have a zillion book ideas. I have written a zillion pages. But the pages haven't wound themselves together and I don't know a publisher and who wants to read what I'd write anyway? Still, I have a knowing that I am writing a book. So I keep ... More

Yoga and Christianity

A friend sent me an article that someone posted on facebook about how yoga is anti-Christian. She was wondering about my perspective and I have to admit I am perplexed by this issue. I take my own faith so personally that I'm not sure how someone else can tell me that a legal, healthy activity inherently distances me from god. ... More


Lines seem to be a theme in my thoughts lately. I was contemplating yesterday how I felt the line between me and god was very fine, that I was so close to falling all the way into the universe that the division was almost imperceptable. Sometimes the line is thick and black, with barbs on it. Of course it's my seeing that ... More


In the Christian tradition it seems to me like we don't spend a lot of time thinking of the female aspects of god. The nurturing aspect. The nourishing aspect. The mother-bear aspect. The bible says that God is the Alpha and the Omega. Genesis 5:1-2 says God created man in his likeness, male and female. Yet we don't spend a lot ... More

Freedom and Bliss

Most faiths teach that we should not be attached to earthly things. Christians believe this - Matthew 19:6 says do not store up your treasures on earth. Buddhists believe this - Buddha said if you desire joy completely forsake all attachment. Patanjali's Yoga Sutra 1.15 says that attachment clouds our true self. It seems ... More