If Prayer Healed a Body

If prayer healed a body, then I would be healed.  If hope kept young women from dying of breast cancer, they wouldn’t be dying.  Every  woman with young children and breast cancer is doing everything within her power to survive for her babies.  Every woman who has just given birth and within weeks or months been diagnosed ... More


She says she can see the reflection of the clouds in my sunglasses, But what I see is a woman; young and fresh, and unwritten. I see how the light both reflects and emanates from her. I want to say many important things – about being a woman, and love, and sex, and about the divine that permeates all of us, regardl... More

Woman plans…

I have been chuckling to myself all day today. It's the fourth anniversary of my first breast cancer diagnosis. About a month ago I decided that I wanted to plan a celebration day. In all these four years I have not really felt like celebrating one damn thing related to cancer. I didn't ring a bell when I was done with chemo. ... More

What Price For Life?

Life comes at a price.  I have been contemplating that for the past few months as I realize every day with aches and pains and weariness the price I pay to still be here.  When I expand my view of the price of life I see that there is a fee paid for our entrance into the world, and I see that it's possible to know when the ... More


sus·pense noun /səˈspens/ a.  A state or feeling of excited or anxious uncertainty about what may happen b.  The temporary cessation or suspension of something Wednesday I'm having a PET scan and bone scan.  They are routine scans, scheduled as a part of my maintenance plan.  In the past few weeks ... More

What Shall We Celebrate Today?

I have been thinking about adversity as a blessing many times over the last few years.  In moving through my husband's severe depression and hospitalization and how that affected our marriage, through divorce, selling our family home, my mother's battle with alcohol and drugs and subsequent hospital stay and then to my own ... More