Don’t worry, I have creams!

  I was the kind of kid that made straight A's, obeyed all the rules of elementary school and was always the teachers' pet.  Because I was smart and compliant in my early years I wasn't heavily supervised as a teen.  I was a latch-key kid from the time I was in third grade on, due to a daycare mishap and the fact that my ... More

The REAL Terrorist

  I vowed yesterday not to look on Facebook or watch the news today because I dislike 9/11 coverage.  To me it is as annoying as political coverage written by one side or another to attack someone.  Often when discussing 9/11 people use words like "the enemy," or "they,"  or other divisive words.  I sometimes get sucked ... More


I am so grateful for all the sweet comments since I last blogged, both here and on facebook.  Nina commented that this experience has shown me how many people are standing with me.  That's the perfect description of how I feel.  Remember those Verizon commercials where everywhere a Verizon user went a team of Verizon ... More

Joy and Sparkle

  It's been nine days since surgery.  I feel ...  I have no idea how I feel.  My body is getting stronger but I'm not sure what's happening in my mind.  I haven't cried much, or cussed much or really felt much since my surgery.  I'm guessing that's because of the assortment of pharmaceuticals polluting my body at the ... More


  I have spent most of the past several months going back and forth between surrender and pissed off in the grief cycle.  I'm sure this is normal, whatever that means.  In my life I have a pattern of getting upset because things don't go the way I plan, curse either to myself or out loud, then realize at some point that I'm ... More

I’m attached to those things!

  When I got diagnosed on February 28th I was sitting in my breast surgeon's office with my sweeetheart Cliff and my "adopted" mom Barbara.  I heard Dr. C say that my tumors and lymph nodes tested positive for cancer.  She said it in some less-than-blunt way, first about the tumors then the part about the lymph nodes.  But ... More