I have a problem with authority. I have always thought the problem was that I didn’t like it. But actually, the problem is that I have always assumed that authority comes from the outside. And that assumption has made me feel like someone has a giant thumb on me, holding me down. I have recently come to conclusion that, in ... More


I had the pleasure of guest-blogging over at my friend’s Big Blog Hullaballoo. The subject for her guest-blogs this summer is Interconnected. You can read my piece on boundaries here at Thanks! More


I have identified an epidemic in modern times. It is the glorification of being low-maintenance. We brag about how many hours we can work, about how we can function with little sleep, about how we can skip breakfast. We brag about all the ways we can neglect ourselves and still manage to be upright. Being low-maintenance is ... More


She says she can see the reflection of the clouds in my sunglasses, But what I see is a woman; young and fresh, and unwritten. I see how the light both reflects and emanates from her. I want to say many important things – about being a woman, and love, and sex, and about the divine that permeates all of us, regardl... More


I wrote this in December, 2014, and forgot to post it. My grandma passed away this summer. She was ill for a few weeks and we knew it was the end. She had a full life, and many people loved her and were there for her in her later years, and in her dying. During her dying time I reflected on how much alike we are. She was ... More

Woman plans…

I have been chuckling to myself all day today. It's the fourth anniversary of my first breast cancer diagnosis. About a month ago I decided that I wanted to plan a celebration day. In all these four years I have not really felt like celebrating one damn thing related to cancer. I didn't ring a bell when I was done with chemo. ... More

Rebellion and Sacred Cows

I grew up in a house where it was not okay to express yourself. "Just be quiet, keep your head down, and get good grades." If I dared to disagree with my mother there was no thoughtful conversation about feelings or ideas. There was no respect of my personhood. Disagreements with her end with her saying, "You're right. I'm ... More

Fuel To Be Burned

I have been holding gratitude for cancer in a suspense account, thinking that if I am grateful it means that I am happy cancer visited. I have been denying what is there, as is our nature to deny half of everything. While I am unreconciled with cancer, the adversity it brought has given me myself. I see, now, that every ... More

Just because we can…

I think we are jumping the shark in the scientific world on many levels nowadays.  For example, it's possible to put a fetus in a sixty-year-old uterus.  But that doesn't mean we should.  We have gone way past what is helpful and ventured too far into ludicrous. I see this issue in the cancer world a lot.  Recently ... More

Terrain Changes

The sky today is brilliant blue; the breeze a perfect swirl of late summer and early fall. With unclaimed time I hopped on my bike and set off to find coffee and write. I rode on the wild side; eschewing the helmet for breeze in my hair, but on the sidewalk because I'm a calculated risk-taker. I'm always surprised ... More