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As a yoga student and teacher I have spent a good deal of time contemplating detachment and its myriad ramifications for my life. One of the ways I understand detachment is to be unaffected by the outcome of my practice. That is to say that if I am practicing sirsasana (headstand) and I never actually balance on my own then I ... More

Ecstatic Dance

I attended an ecstatic dance workshop on Sunday. I went because I was curious and because I think it's good to force myself out of my comfort zone. And this was WAY out of the zone. I almost turned around and came home twice before I got there. I thought of a hundred reasons not to go. But the forces in the universe that pull ... More

Stand Up!

There's been a lot of talk about celebrities endorsing political candidates lately. Oprah has gotten flak for endorsing Obama. And who can forget that creepy smile on Chuck Norris' face when Huckabee was giving his victory speech in Iowa? Indeed, there's a long list of celebrities endorsing their candidates. And why shouldn't ... More

Helping Others

I watched Extreme Home Makeover tonight with my husband, as we do many Sunday evenings. I am always amazed at the misfortune of the families that get chosen for the makeover. I remember when the show first came on I thought it was your typical makeover show where people send in pics of their sorry homes with calico curtains and ... More

Social Change

Hope everyone takes a moment today to honor what Martin Luther King, Jr. helped bring about for our country. As my pastor pointed out yesterday in church he was following Jesus' call to create social change. He saw people being treated unjustly and knew that it was his duty to try to right those wrongs. It's everyone's duty. ... More


I taught my kid class last Friday - the first one of the new year. I had many students return from the last session and was so grateful for them. One girl in particular stands out because she is so honest and sharing of herself. When we were in tree pose I had them imagining they were tall, strong trees and she just announced ... More