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Below the Surface of “Awareness”

It is Pinktober.  Again.  Last year, I wrote a scathing criticism of breast cancer marketing, and to date that piece has over 1.3 million page views.  That so many people read it, and are still reading and sharing it over a year later, tells me I’m not the only one who feels whored out by marketers using my terminal ... More

The Truth is What is Useful, Part 37

My grandmother, Joy, is 93 ⅔. (I think when you pass 90 your age should be calculated like when you are under the age of ten.) She is sometimes lucid, and will tell you detailed stories about things that happened a very long time ago, and sometimes she does not know exactly who I am. This time of her life is teaching ... More


Five years ago today I was diagnosed with cancer. This week I have been reflecting on all I have learned since that day, about myself, life, love, and God. Here is what I know for sure. What I Deserve Many people have said to me,"You don't deserve to have cancer!" What do we deserve? For a while I thought we deserved ... More

If Prayer Healed a Body

If prayer healed a body, then I would be healed.  If hope kept young women from dying of breast cancer, they wouldn’t be dying.  Every  woman with young children and breast cancer is doing everything within her power to survive for her babies.  Every woman who has just given birth and within weeks or months been diagnosed ... More

Building a Personal Shrine

Building a Personal Shrine Saturday, October 17th 1-4pm Whether you want to create an altarpiece for your meditation space or craft a memory board for yourself, in this workshop we will learn about and make a piece that holds inspiration and peace for you.  The wooden form, paint, glue and some other decorative items will ... More

Menopause Workshop – Awakening to Your Power

Those hot flashes and night sweats have a purpose! In this class, we will study the ancient wisdom that comes through in menopause, how those biological symptoms are catalysts for change, and explore what this power shift means for us as individual women, and collectively. We will dialogue, journal and sculpt. Each woman ... More


I have a problem with authority. I have always thought the problem was that I didn’t like it. But actually, the problem is that I have always assumed that authority comes from the outside. And that assumption has made me feel like someone has a giant thumb on me, holding me down. I have recently come to conclusion that, in ... More


I had the pleasure of guest-blogging over at my friend’s Big Blog Hullaballoo. The subject for her guest-blogs this summer is Interconnected. You can read my piece on boundaries here at www.sacredcirclecreativelife.com Thanks! More


I have identified an epidemic in modern times. It is the glorification of being low-maintenance. We brag about how many hours we can work, about how we can function with little sleep, about how we can skip breakfast. We brag about all the ways we can neglect ourselves and still manage to be upright. Being low-maintenance is ... More


She says she can see the reflection of the clouds in my sunglasses, But what I see is a woman; young and fresh, and unwritten. I see how the light both reflects and emanates from her. I want to say many important things – about being a woman, and love, and sex, and about the divine that permeates all of us, regardl... More