Terrain Changes

The sky today is brilliant blue;
the breeze a perfect swirl of late summer and early fall.
With unclaimed time I hopped on my bike
and set off to find coffee and write.

I rode on the wild side;
eschewing the helmet for breeze in my hair,
but on the sidewalk
because I’m a calculated risk-taker.

I’m always surprised by the hills;
I guess the road is only familiar by car,
where I don’t notice the ups and downs,
because there is no effort and it all goes by so fast.

To get up the hills I stand up a few times;
using my stomach muscles and arms,
along with my legs to propel myself;
up and up and up to the top.

Past the peak I realize I am pedaling like crazy,
but my pedaling is not doing anything,
because the bike is propelled by gravity,
and the fruits of my past labors.

I go to shift gears so that I have to pedal again,
only to realize that I could just choose to coast;
surely the terrain will change again soon,
and require me to resume effort.

But for now I could choose to be still;
enjoy the momentum, feel the wind,
observe the trees and sky and cars,
and be present.

Metaphor alert.

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