Survivorship, Day 31

Well I got the mediport yesterday.  I hope it was worth the pain it inflicted.  The upside is that I have gotten some great sleep in the past twenty-four hours, aided by Xanax, Versed, and hydrocodone.  Now I’m only on Tylenol so if you were waiting for me to say something embarassing then you’ll have to keep waiting.

I have never been shot, but I think my chest feels like it would had that been the case.  I found myself trapped in my shirt this morning because lifting my arm over my head was excruciating.  I did it though, changing from one pair of jammies to another pair.  There’s another upside to all this – you can wear pajamas all the time and no one can fuss at you. 

Looks like I’ll be getting my first chemo Friday.  Today I started taking ginger capsules, recommended by the doctor to help with nausea, and tomorrow I’ll start my three-day round of steriods to help keep swelling down from one of the 3 chemo drugs I’ll be getting.  That drug, Taxotere, is apparently the really strong one.  It can cause an allergic reaction the first time you get it, like tightness in the chest and the feeling that your throat is swelling shut.  So they give it really slowly to help avoid that.  And, during the hour you get that one you put your finger tips in ice water for as long as you can stand it and then take them out, then repeat, so your nails don’t fall off.  I swear I did not make this up. 

If I were going to make up a story for myself, this sure would not be it.  But, I do feel better knowing that the cancer hasn’t spread and that I’ll be starting treatment.  And when this is over I’m sure I’ll have quite a story to tell!

Please keep praying,

Love, Brandie

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