Judgment, Laziness and Grace

Lately I find myself in a loop of judgments. It seems to be a cyclical thing for me. I form a bunch, become aware, release them, and then when I’m not looking they creep back in.

Sometimes I just get lazy and forget to be vigilant with my thoughts. The Yoga Sutras, written over 2000 years ago, list hindrances to yoga (elevation of self) in sutra 1.30. Included are sickness, inertia, doubt, lightmindedness, laziness, intemperance, false notions, inability to reach a stage of meditation, or to hold it when reached.

Reading that list is helpful for me when I see myself in the throes of one of those states. It’s just a list of the human conditions that for millenia we have been and will continue to be called to transend. When that lovely list finds it’s way back into my consciousness it takes me from judgment of myself for not doing life perfectly, damnit, and into grace. From that place of grace I can find a moment of transcendence and be in the flow of joy again.

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