Here Comes the Sun

I went running a couple of days ago and a tree called me to sit beneath it and meditate. So I did, despite the fact that the ground was a little rocky and there was a burrow hole that I was convinced belonged to a man-eating snake. I sat and closed my eyes, made jnana mudra with my palms down on my folded knees, and began to breathe in and out through my nose. Inhaling and exhaling evenly, with no pauses between.

Almost instantly I sensed that the sun came out from behind the clouds. I reflected how the sun had been out already, of course, but the clouds had been obscuring the light. I thought of the correlation between my own light and the death grip I sometimes have on the cloud cover, pulling it tightly over my own head and then complaining that there is no light, no grace.

There was a strong wind that day, and it blew the clouds right on by. I think detaching is the act of letting the wind blow and letting loose my grip on the clouds so I can be in the light again.

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